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jordan and me at the zooJordan suffered a birth injury and deprivation of oxygen, resulting in Mixed Tone Cerebral Palsy (CP).  Only a small percentage of children with CP have Mixed Tone. Mixed means a combination of spastic, athetoid, or ataxic CP. The spastic CP generates high muscle tone, while the athetoid CP causes involuntary movements.  The ataxia causes low muscle tone, a lack of balance and unsteady hands.  Jordan has high muscle tone in some muscles, and low muscle tone in others.

Although she suffers global gross and fine motor delays and her speech is impaired, Jordan makes constant strides. Now 8 years old, Jordan leads our family in a battle against her disability.  We are big believers in the power of intensive therapy, hard work, and prayer.  Our lives are filled with medical appointments, therapy, IEP meetings, on-line research, tears, triumphs, and above all else, lots of laughter and love.

Jordan works hard — really really hard. She knows that she has to work harder than other kids and still can’t do some of what comes easy for them. She knows that it might never be easy for her.  She also knows that she can never ever give up. And she believes that if she trains hard enough, she will eventually overcome every challenge. It is my prayer that she will.

She’s tough.  She’s determined.  She’s an inspiration.  And yes, she’s still my sweet little girl.

I think of Jordan as a warrior princess.  She fought hard for her first breath after a 0 Apgar score at birth. She is still fighting hard.  She fights for herself, she fights for her sisters & she fights for those who aren’t big enough or strong enough to fight for themselves.

I watch her live ABOVE her disability.

Some days are more challenging than others.  As she gets older, she’s increasingly aware of the growing distance between her own abilities and those of her fast-developing peers.  We are learning (and remembering and re-learning) to lean on God and to lean on one another. Together we will overcome through our faith and love.

This blog is my attempt to capture Jordan’s journey through my eyes.

Raising Jordan is the absolute most challenging, yet most rewarding story of my life.  Join us on this journey.  Follow the blog, leave comments, and send me emails!  The encouraging and unexpected words and your personal stories keep this blog alive.



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